im sad again at…

im sad again at just about every time it turns seven pm. i try to eat away my unhappiness thinking its the lack of food that does it. that just makes me unconfident and unhappy. at least when i starve im a good looking sad person.

im tired of being so damm alone. for most of my life ive had someone and now, im so empty.

i have all of these symptoms so if i seem like im ignoring you, im really not.

Symptoms of depression

  • Sadness or crying that you can’t explain
  • Major changes in the way you eat, such as not eating or over-eating
  • Being crabby, angry, worried or nervous
  • Feeling negative or not caring about anything
  • Feeling guilty or worthless
  • Thinking about death or committing suicide
  • Sleep changes, such as sleeping more or having trouble sleeping
  • Not being able to focus or make a decision
  • Not being able to enjoy the things you usually enjoy
  • Not wanting to spend time with your friends
  • Feeling restless or tired most of the time

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