on: my manager


The Management:

The management at my job sucks. I hate working for people who are dumber than me.

I can’t say shit cause im not a favorite. the company plays favorites. the little ass kissers who run around happy all the time. the guys who work till there backs literally break, thinking that the company will help them out when it happens. the bitches who whine, cry, bend over and bat there eyes. I am not one of them. Therefore, I am not favored. Its always gonna be my word vs theres. And who do you think they’ll keep. Not me.

I’m always hanging just on the edge. They think im useless. I’m not. But I don’t brag about my accomplishments like everyone else. Others take credit for all of my work. Oh well.

The company promotes “brutes” to management. Being in a male dominated work environment, its the ones that are always lifting heavy shit that get all the attention. Not the ones that do all the little things. What kind of leaders does this create? Bad ones. They take good hardworking laborers and turn them into paper pushers. So you looks the hard workers and end up with shitty bosses.

These people have no background in leadership training or management. Only the meager training the store provides. Pushy bosses are encourages. Be firm, treat your employees like peons. Yes! This makes you an excellent boss. Were going to reward you with more promotions and you will continue improving on your “tyrannical” style of leadership.

I hear people ordering employees around saying “you don’t go anywhere unless I tell you too. Unless I give an order you do nothing else! You go that!” That sure encourages  initiative.

My “Boss”

my bosses response to every question is “you should know the answer to that by now.” no i have never asked the question before.

every complaint is “well its your responsibility to take care of that.” yea. everytime i complain about something someone else doesn’t do it becomes part of my job description.

if i could tell her anything without getting fired i’d say “if your not gonna make decisions, and your not gonna voice our concerts to your fellow managers, then what use are you as a manager.”

This is whats considered a good manager. Because she encourages us to do more by not doing it herself. Instead her deciding who cleans where, she made up a “captain” from the employees to do it for her. I say thats one less job for her. But to upper management, she’s a genius.

I call her the stonewall. Because my store has a linear hierarchy of managers, any concern or improvement must go through my boss to the next in line above her and then back down to the other bosses. So if I tell her something, and she blows it off, its dead in the water. Same with everyone else. Then later on the upper management is like “why haven’t I ever heard of this before?” Because your managers blow it off and theres no one else we can talk to.

So I tried to voice my opinion. and i got in a shouting fight with her. and now i’m even more in shits creek than usual. I hate shitty bosses. i hate shitty peers that are favored when i work ten times harder. i hate not having anyone to go to with my concerns.  my job fuckin sucks right now. and im the one suffering for it.




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