First Time Motorcycle

I had the best day ever yesterday and I can’t tell anyone or they’ll take it away and make me feel bad about having so much fun.

I was supposed to go pick up my nephew. As written in a previous blog. This would have taken my entire day, I day I desperately needed. My sister offered to pick him up early. My mom tore her a new one said that I had to do it. So my trusty Darkness gave up his day to pick him up. And ended up babysitting. Okay, so I ruined his day for mine. I’m very sorry about that. I do feel that it was my moms control freakiness that ruined his day. Someone’s miscommunication that didn’t come home and take care of him to make it worse. And technically, his fault for being the reason my mom keeps demanding reciprocity for me (see: rant – ambition). But I’ll never tell him that.

So when everyone’s day was being ruined, this is what I was secretly doing.

I rode a 650 Ninja. First time on a motorcycle. Oh yeah. Diablo black!


And it was soooo cool like nothing I ever expected.

First of all, I expected scary wind blowing fear like a roller coaster. For the most part, it was like a beautiful tram ride. I couldn’t tell we were going at high speeds. I didn’t expect it to be relaxing and mind clearing.  I don’t remember there ever being a time that I had nothing on my mind. That I wasn’t running a million scenarios, problems, things to do, issues in my head at once.  My brain is like add on steroids, it just doesn’t stop. Ever. Especially this week when I been fighting with my boss, mom, boy, self. I’ve just been on the verge of a complete breakdown.

And then suddenly, nothing. No worries, fears, nothing. Just beautiful emptiness and clarity inside my mind. It was like someone hit the empty button on the recycle bin. I was almost lightheaded. I was actually quiet. Usually I’m a self-conscious chatter box. Everything I seek an escape in is now moot. Don’t need alcohol. Don’t need to fantasize about drugs, cigarettes, suicide. This is better than any of that. I’m still on my first ride high. And suddenly, I just don’t care about the bullshit anymore. Its just not important.

Everything was so beautiful. Its strange. I’ve lived here so long I’ve gotten tired of seeing the same old things. But this, everything looked new like I’ve never really seen the world before. I was in awe of my surroundings. I was spacing out on everything, grass trees flowers water. It was amazing.

I went into the mountains pass 3000 foot drops. Took pin tight turns. Tried to climb a mango tree. And my favorite part, going really really fast! We went so fast our helmets were covered in bugs! We went over 100 mph passing people. Omg omg omg! I was singing the power rangers theme song and yeehawwing! I had so much fun. I did not want to stop.

I think we rode for like 5 hours. My butt is killing me. My thighs are killing me. But there just a happy reminder that I just had the best day of my life. I wanna write more and I might if I think of anything else but I should probably sleep. Adrenaline still pumping through me. Sooo fun!

And that theres way more to life than the petty bullshit if you can escape. Going over 100mph, yeah you’ll escape. J


2 responses to “First Time Motorcycle

  1. It’s even better when you are driving the cycle. It sounds like you have tasted the motorcycling thrill of which so many can not possibly get enough. Hope more riding is in your future. Cheers.

  2. I would love to ride one but i’m scared shitless of falling off.

    Every once in awhile I feel as though the rope is getting shorter and shorter. It’s getting closer to death, to age and wrinkles, to worse of all… unchangeable servitude to not me or the man i’ll marry but what I know I believe it to mean when I marry. Is freedom really freedom when you feel a ring as a noose… even when he says you can do anything but you feel like you owe him to not run around the world and do everything and anything that your insides are screaming to do? Is that matrimony bliss?

    Sometimes I go darting through traffic to feel the rush. To focus on that one moment instead of everything else… and running out of time. Runaway bride. Ha! At the end I feel mad at myself because if I had hurt someone… I couldn’t live with it.

    Anyways… i’ll stop my banter…

    ❤ that bike!

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