Last night I got stoned and bloody for the first time

Last night I got stoned and bloody.

I went out to be social last night, still reeling from the motorcycle positivity and open mindedness on Friday.

So I hung out at a friends house, drank half a beer, while they got stoned. Did not know you could get “contact high” from second hand smoke. But, apparently I did for the first time. Heres my thoughts on that.

I always thought getting high from pot would be like that feeling of ecstasy right after really good sex when the room is spinning and your entire body feels good. Or like the adrenaline off going 100 mph with the wind in your hair. Mind altering like a 70s movie where the world looks like candy land and everyone’s funny and happy and you have the urge to be Michelangelo the painter.

It aint shit! It was boring. I was like “this is it?” Okay slightly relaxed, a bit friendlier and more mellow. But shit, I get more chemical changes in my body from a can of red bull or a beer. This is barely anything. This slight spaciness is worth dumping girlfriends, loosing jobs, starving cause your broke, getting kicked outta your house, burning you family, hurting people, and basically giving up everything in your life? Wtf?!! This! This is nothing. All that hype. I get better rush off jumping off a waterfall. I always thought the extreme things I do was to make up for the fact that I wasn’t getting high so I can catch up with everybody. Its nothing compared to my normal life. Its boooorrring! Omg I can not believe this little thing means so much to people. Its stupid. Idiots. It just made me feel really lazy. Fuck that I’m going back to skateboarding.

Which is what I did high and drunk. I bombed a hill with my longboard. Lucky there was no cars. I was racing a skateboarder, not realizing how much faster a long board is. I passed her, flyin. Approaching the bottom of the hill I realized my foot coordination and balance was off. Saw the gravel and sharp turn. First thought that ran through my head: “Never go faster than you can run.” Yea. I knew I couldn’t run that fast. But I tried!

Tried to do the running jump off my board. Got three steps across the road. The last step was too slow. I went flying. Skidded across the road to the grass. Someone ended up flipping over bashing the back of my head on something hard. Realized the next day I owned an helmet and I had never skated without it. First time and I crash. Left forarm cut up. Upper left arm, scrapped. Stomach scraped from when shirt ran up. Left thumb, Bruised! Never saw the pad of a thumb bruised very strange. Back of head, possible concussion. Right knee worst part, bleeding. Ass, hurts.

I’m lying on the ground saying “my head hurts. It really fuckin hurts.” Afraid that I might have to go to the hospital stoned. The guy I just met sprints down the neighborhood freakin out trying to make sure I was okay. Apparently I had just missed hitting a metal pole which I would have if I hadn’t tripped. They try getting me up. Then they take my board.

I’m up in a second. I take it away from them. And I ride back. My friend says I’m ready to learn to ride a dirt bike.

* Sibhi

mama says

Lesson Learned:1.  weed aint shit, much better highs in life. 2. probably not a good idea to ride drunk or high. 3. long-boards way faster than skateboards. 4. I can handle.

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