Tv Show: Whitney – Unmarried Couple

Show: Whitney

I’m watching this show Whitney on Hulu. Its freakin hilarious.

Its a show about a couple thats been living together for 3 years and are in no rush to get married. They don’t fit into the relationship mold everyone expects. What an awesome concept!

I’ve never seen anyone touch this topic of unmarried couples. I’ve never heard of this show, probably because religious controlling zeagots prevent it from entering mainstream media causing people to think non married couples shouldn’t be ostracized from society.

And it makes me wonder more about this topic and what other couples like this go through.

In this episode, there trying to get a dog and there filling out the application at the shelter and it says “single” or “married.” Even though there together, they have to put “single.” fill out separate applications, and then they go through a lot of bs. This was really interesting to me.

What do you think about relationships between people who have been together for a long time and are unmarried?


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One response to “Tv Show: Whitney – Unmarried Couple

  1. Well, my boyfriend and I have been together for almost seven years and even though I am not even 21 yet I am constantly being asked about when we’re getting married. My mom keeps pressuring me, my grandmother keeps saying if I don’t have a baby within the next few years she’ll be too old to enjoy being a great grandma, random people at work ask when we’re getting married all the time. It seems so weird to me. Don’t get me wrong, I love the shit out of my boyfriend and we ARE going to get married eventually but mostly for the legal stuff that comes along with it, not to appease my relatives and nosy coworkers. Being married won’t change our current relationship, so I don’t understand the need to rush.

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