cuss words ahead

I am sick and tired of the favoritism at my job. Warning: there will probably be extreme cuss words


I bring in drs note. Can not lift more than 5 lbs due to cracked rib. Brown Shirt talks shit to everyone about me like im faking it and hopeless. The lightest boxes I end up carrying is 10lbs. Most are much heavier including pushing an entire pallet of items with no machinery.


Its 5:31am. The time I finish work. Big boss tells me to start another pallet of work. He assigns someone to help me, thanking her profusely. Like last night, that person drops my shit on the ground and ditches. Brown shirt assigns someone to help me. That person says they can’t do it. I ask Brown shirt to help me, she says no. I ask her again after an hour of overtime. She says no, I should do it because practice makes perfect. She sits and watches.

Hour and forty five minutes after im supposed to leave, Orange shirt cunt of a whore approaches me, asks me if im gonna fix the pallets someone else puts up. I say no, I am not touching that pallet. She tells me she’s gateing off the aisle till someone fixes it. Like I care. Is she gonna take the aisles toys away and give it a spanking because of me? She says safety is everyones job. I tell her and everyone else bitching about me, then somebody else who’s actually on shift can do it. I am going home.

So I leave a circle of bitch power hungary cunts standing around looking at a pallet bitching about me like there actually making a difference. Hey I know, why don’t one of you get the dam machine yourself and do it. Then you can talk.

Fuck all of you. I know im gonna catch shit tomorrow about this cause I’m not the favorite. But you know what, you can all kiss my ass cause I’m sick of taking your shit and im not staying at that dam place another minute longer for free.




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