This is what i dream of

 This is what i dream of

this is what i dream of

i dream its cold
middle of the night
darkness racing with everlasting light
pale softness dancing, bare and free
rolling in sea foam
im shivering
you hold me
you take me home
you love me
tell me everything will be alright
that im yours
and you wont change your mind
in the morning.

let my spirit run
as free as my soul
let it wander the earth
like the reckless being i was meant to be
let it love unconditionally
without judgement or question
not seeking reciprocity
but a small sense
of understanding
that this is what i am
never holding back
the wind that comes and goes
blowing through your fingertips
in the
chilly ocean spray filled night
caressing your skin
before returning
to the sparkling endless skies.

love me for what i am
then let me go.




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