those who don’t understand my job


sometimes people don’t understand my job and that it does to me.

i work the graveyard shift. i do very physical labor intensive work. its not easy but its rewarding. people who have never done it don’t seem to understand. and yes, yet another post inspired by my mom.

“People” think that I sit around sleep being lazy all day. They think I have all day off to do things. They yell at me, when are you gonna do this or get this done. You have all the time in the world. Wish I could sit around all day. They expect me to help out or run errands because I have all day off.

They wake me up at 10am. Sometimes at 8am. They tell me ive been sleeping all day. I need to do something with myself. I get off work at 6am.

Even friends get frustrated if I sleep a lot. Want to do stuff like go hiking, then after they get to come home and go to sleep. I leave for work strait from a day of hard riding. They don’t realize what I put my body through when I do this. They dont feel any empathy as they crack open a cold one or go to bed. They sit there going “uh im so tired and I have to work at 6am tommorow.” and i’m thinking “lucky you i have to go to work right now.”

Then theres the why are you tired. Its not a desk job! I am sore, my bodys recouperating for tonight. Physical hobbies and lifestyle + physical job = me tired! My family has never done anything physical before. They just don’t get it. They tell me, “well its your fault. you should just quit.” this annoys me to no end. Not “wow were proud of you for working hard.” just “live off someone else like us, be lazy. make bills, not pay your debts” mentality.

Shit, some empathy and pride instead of distain and making me feel like every ache i get i deserve because im doing something wrong.

*sigh* Daylighters.

One response to “those who don’t understand my job

  1. I like the ‘daylighters’ crack. Working 3rd shift is hard when you do a desk job too. Not as hard but mentally exhausting. I don’t miss it. I was having health problems too do my meds were freakin me out. Made for some crazy dreams when I finally did get to sleep. People need to shut up and be quiet. I remember threatening lives if they didn’t. I remember threatening xbox’s with instant death if silence wasn’t had. I like silence. It’s my favorite. Daylighters are never silent. They’re always loud. Pounding, yelling, bitching and most of all griping. You have time to do this or that or whatever. I get your post. It’s real.

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