Rise Above

Rise Above


I am many things

But never a copy of the things

You hold so dear

The fake smiles twisted lies

I am all

But none.


I will not bend break conform to the idiosyncrasy

That is worshiped

By small minded individuals

Who for no better reason or purpose

Follow blindly

With a longing

To belong.


I will be pushed down, shut down, told not to grow

But I will not change or mold to your liking

I will not become


I will not loose that which I am

To live more comfortably

To elevate my status in this meaningless game

We call society.

I will rebel

As I always have

Against the norm

Against those which seek to squelch individuality and free thought

Against the matching garments, stupid trendy hairstyles and masks of paint they wear

To match empty promises, shallow compliments, and the need for daily ego boosts.


No I will stand my armor of drab peasant second hand clothes

Protecting my precious open-minded outlook and unwanted loud voice

From the oppression

Of my peers. Of my coworkers. Of my fellow media driven zombie created populace

And their shallow



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