looking through the window

Looking through the Window


i miss you.


every night when the sun gets dark

my mind starts panicking

im not home

im not with you

i am alone.


i want to hear the tv running in the background

and your voice laughing at insignificant childish things.

i want to sit in a corner warm and ignored

and just watch.


soft pillows and stuffed animals

warm blankets and toffee colored carpets

glowing lights and life and activity

dishes clanking, running water, the shower going

cold beers and happy times.


i do not want to be in a cold dark world

made of night and dust and endless silence

where no one exists but the ones with zipped lips.

when everyone smiles, we slave away

away from families friends and warm glowing lights

from sitcoms and late night comedians

and beds and dinners and kisses good night.


i want inside the jar

with you.

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