the great and powerful mainland

every time i post something like “one day I’m gonna be successful” or “one day I’m gonna own this car” someone always has to say “you gotta move to the mainland to do that.”

okay, if the mainland is such a land of opportunity, then what the hell are you doing here. oh maybe im just made for success but you came here because you wanted a mediocre underpaid life you seem to accuse me of? the great and powerful mainland. Can’t be anything tilll you’ve gone there. your just an ignorant savage girl with a closed mind because you’ve never lived in the mainland. oooh. then they tell me “well i moved out at 24 (or something) and lived on my own and thats why im successful.” i don’t understand why i have to travel 3000 miles to be equal when you moved 10 from your mother. i just dont get it.

im frickin irritated with this “mainland is the only way for everything” bull crap. that no matter what i achieve, im always gonna be behind your lazy, couch slouching ass because your from big ol CA. I get the same pay check, work at the same place as you why are you considered successfully living your life and I haven’t grown up yet? Seems to me were in the same place so were even.

And as for open mindedness, I am more open minded than any of these Cali migrants i’ve met. At least I know the difference between Chinese and Japanese and I don’t think Japanese and Asian are two different nationalities!

Ever just wanna tell someone to go fuck themselves in their high and mighty ass.


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