Standing in the Rain

~standing the the rain~ (by me 🙂

im standing in the rain and thinking

90% percent water. my body

water is the nourishment water is the life in me. the softness in my skin, the fluid i grow in. the nourishment that i need to survive. water is life.

and as the cool rain runs across my flesh i think
fire is the warmth in me , the spark that keeps me alive, the sun that grows the food i eat and passion that creates
fire is my heart. fire allows me to stand here tonight in the rain,
fire is life.

my feet pressed solidly against the ground i look up at the sky and notice
my stomach digests the trees that i have eaten providing me with this energy, this growth, a healthy adult.
all nutrients come from the earth
there for all life comes from the earth
plants, dirt, soil, this is all life
running through my body
this planet feeds me.
earth is life.

i exhale the frustrations of the day to the steady sounds of a rainfilled street
and i realize
every breath in, is life flowing to my lungs
every breath out, is proof that i am still alive for a moment longer
and i know
air is life.
wind is life.
chilly nights like this.
this is life.

this. is. life.