mush stuff


you made me the angel
with the blood soaked wings
and the sick twisted mind filled with
very many scary things

you made me see through a mess of red
as you laughed with your minions and placed pins in my head
the little card with the little label
“she belongs here. she is just a boring insect”
under my name
you hold me in place
and think i wont fight back.

but you chose the wrong little bug to play with.

see my twisted mind
remembers many things
and above them all
that karma brings

thrice fold over
what you give you get
so i’ll be the good one
cause your time hasn’t come yet

you poured your bucket
on my happy face
your cruelty keeps me nailed in place
and i wait
bidding my time
when its your turn.

i long to fly but they trap me here
day after orange clad day
year after spagetti straped and tank topped year
waiting for my wings to dry
waiting to take flight into the night
knowing that i am different
and will always remain
not of this world.

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