todays rant


hey i forgot about my venting zone.

i guess it can always get worse.

so last post, my sweet job had been taken, my personal life screwed, and i was planning my escape.

so i did what they say, stuck with the shit they gave me, so i could get a transfer.

and what do they do… they put me on 90 probabation destroying my chances of a transfer.

umm how fucked am i.

a woman who hates me, writes me a nasty review. no other management was present during the time. i no long have that job. the things she said about me are not true. and now my current job suffers.

there gonna give me a game plan to “pull me through.” no regards whatsoever on how im doing. my coworkers are shocked.

meanwhile, the current staff that took my place can’t do a quarter of the work i did. just look up and see the store as a disaster.

so what do i do. do i play nice. do i quit. do i throw tantrums in the big wigs office.

fuck i hate this place.

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