do you know that im gone

he didn’t even realize i left! wth!


two days ago he bagged on me right after he said wed hang. yesterday he bagged on me and didn’t invite me. today he invited me then as soon as i got there left me alone to go spend time with his roomates. why am i in this mess.

im feeling so very alone lately. im crushing and hitting on everything that walks by with an unhealthy sense of desperateness. its like a horny dog that seeks intimacy instead of sex. men don’t know the difference.

feel like im in a dark place. but i guess thats nothing new.




do you know that im gone

did you hear the silence as i fell away from you

is my absence noticed 

or are you so fixated on your games and tv shows and friends

that it hasn’t even registered

theres a hole in your world.


will you know when im dead

will you come to my funeral and pretend to cry

will you ask about me months after

what ever happened to that girl

that used to sit on you floor 

and stare at you

hoping you’d notice

before she was gone.


do you know that i’m here?

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