Amazon Queen on Death Bed

i wear my heart on a sleeve for all the world to see

this is me. broken and bleeding

you call the things i write garbage
you claim the things i say are atomospheric trash
the way you laugh
constantly at my charecter
your eyes that roll
your head that turns
in the night you holding me only long enough for your satisfaction
then you push me out the door.

why do i do this to myself
its not your fault i stay
why i can’t i turn and walk away from your cold reception of me
you don’t want me
i know
others want me
i see
why am i still at your door step
for you to take me in.

who is this pathetic mess
waiting for the clock to tick
waiting for the text
that never comes
having no life but yours
life as your whore is a very lonely existence
what happened
to the amazon queen
i once knew.

Amazon Queen

Amazon Queen
of legends
warrior of heart and soul
bullet proof from harsh words and conformity
stood tall on her island
where others fell.

they tore down my tress
they uprooted my beautiful jungle
they ripped from the earth everything i held dear
burned my grass shack to the ground.
still i fought. one battle after another.

one man
the warrior of glass
through his spear
strait through my heart
watched me struggle in the sand
bleeding out. reaching
unsure of how to deal with the pain
having always been invincible
i thrash and struggle
he puts his weight on the end
the sharp blade digging deeper
the spears shaft driving through my body
pinning me to my island
i look at him with pity
let me go
but he ignores me
kicks dirt in my face
and walks away

and the once powerful Warrior Queen
finally learns to cry.