someone told me that me and my female coworker make make life so complicated that we can’t enjoy it. it seems true. why do guys have it so easy? this sounds bad but i feel like for guys, girls are easy to replace. theres always another pretty, nice, girl that can cook around the corner. good girls just arn’t that hard to find. theres tons of them. thats why theres diets and make up and cute clothes. its way easier to find a decent girl than a decent guy. the trade off is its harder to get a girl to like you than it is to get a guy to like you. but at least you have options.

therefore, as a guy, its okay to give up on your girl, not make things “complicated” because its so much easier to find a new one. its hard to find a guy that’s nice, smart, CUTE, and likes you. and packs the good stuff below. definitely hard to discover till its too late. girls, you can tell. what your getting. guys. no.  so it seems, as a girl, we try harder to “fix” our guys, relationships, whatever, and put ourselves into more complicated situations in which guys think that we should just let go and move on. men are hard to find and harder to train. Shit that guys wouldn’t put up with for a second, we forgive because we don’t wanna go through the process of finding a new one.

Also, its the numbers game. The more girls a guy gets, the more pimp he is. No shame in a high number. As a girl, after that number reaches say, 5, the girl gets that oh so horrible label of “SLUT.” The label can never be removed. The fear that one day she might find a saint of a nice guy and have to confess to a higher number than him sucks. So, mowing through guys, throwing them to the trash like yesterdays panties and quickly picking up a new one, not such a great feeling. Even if there was a place filled with random intelligent y chromosome hotties that could actually pay for there own meal, a girl probably couldn’t date through them like a buffet line.  We can preach double standard all we want but it doesn’t change how we feel about ourselves after the number gets a bit higher than we want.

So we try not to burn bridges with the exs. We continue to try to get all the guys to still be friends with us after all the shit they put us through. And even when we should say “asta la vista” and move on to the next ab honed honey, we hold back whine over our current slacker gaming bf. Why do our masochistic female minds cause us to do stupid things over and over again thinking that the next time the results will be different?  Are there just not enough decent men in there world? Are we afraid of being labeled as sluts? Are we ultimately afraid of being rejected and alone? Do we have higher standards than men? Why is it we try so much harder than men to make things work out instead of bouncing from guy to guy? I don’t know hopefully someone can tell me why we make things so “complicated.”