obsession and moth

ever think that a moth is obsessed to the point of suicidal. I mean clearly the bright thing they gravitate to is bad for them. But they’ll hurl themselves at it to the point of insanity. Recking there bodies against windows, burning themselves in fire, catching there wings in the surrounding webs over and over and over again. I mean this is what obsession does to people right. Makes a person want something thats bad for you no matter how much it hurts.




a little bug

with broken wings

and a more shattered mind

filled with scary things.


a bucket of blood

after a sharp reply

a harsh said word

followed by glass in the eye


them with the pins

trapping me in place

there labels and categories

seeing nothing they can’t replace


and one little moth

with her blood soaked wings

still trys to fly

still trys to break free.

blood soaked wings.




i try to fly

with soaken wings

to the light

in the mist of all these fucked up things

i try to be a better person

while they all hold me down

tell me i am nothing

tell me i am better than them all

i try to be a good person

in a dark dark world

with blood soaked wings

and scary things

lurking in my head


i try to be the better person

but i’m becoming YOU instead.