Beach Girl

im not blonde with blue eyes

not skinny with endless legs

no butt, long stomach, or hair blowing in the wind

sparkling smile or soft white skin


i am burnt from the sun like a crisp golden beach

with eyes that are only green when they’re red

my hair changes color with styles, moods, and summers

my teeth rarely show unless its to growl


my short legs are fast and can climb high fruit trees

my strangle-kelp hair can break any brush

my tummy’s not flat but can eat opihi, ice cream and┬áTabasco┬ásauce at once

i may not be tall but i can dive head first from cliffs and through an 8ft set


a makeup less face the same at sunrise and sunset

ratty old clothes not afraid to get wet

flat bare feet over hot sharp rocks

green bottles good times and upside down socks

(cause i don’t know the difference.)


know that when you get a local girl

she may not look like the models on tv

but she just maybe

something better.